Safe Parking Program

The Safe Parking Program provides a safe, legal place to park for people experiencing houselessness and living out of their vehicles. The program is designed to be a short-term transitional space for individuals on their way to gaining housing.

Providing a safe place to park can help individuals in this situation stabilize their lives and gain better access to services.

Many of our guests are low-income or seniors with fixed income. However, the gap between income and rent is increasing rapidly, leading to an increase of houseless individuals. The Safe Parking Program provides much needed support and safety as our guests prepare to transition to housing.

The Safe Parking Program is managed by Just Compassion EWC and the City of Tigard. For more information, visit, call 503-624-4666, or email In addition, the City of Tigard has information and FAQs at its website:


About the Program

  • Our site will accommodate three cars.
  • Participants are prescreened—including background check—before acceptance into the program.
  • Cars must be operational and currently registered. RVs, trailers, and campers are not permitted.
  • Each car has a dedicated parking spot.
  • Participants must abide by rules of the program and commit to a case management plan with the intention of transitioning into housing.
  • Hygiene is a priority. Our program includes access to a port-a-potty and handwashing station, promoting cleanliness and well-being.
  • Participants are required to keep their belongings in their vehicles or in the shared storage pod.
  • Participants commit to a conduct agreement, promoting a respectful environment. This agreement sets expectations for behavior within the program. 

Informational Meetings

Community informational meetings were held January 30 and February 1. A video of the February 1 Zoom meeting is available (see below). Additional meetings are planned and will be hosted by the city.

Watch the February 1 video and learn about future informational meetings at