Christ the King is on the pathway to becoming a Reconciling in Christ (RIC) designated church.  This would mean we would purposefully recognize that skin color doesn’t matter, and how you express your true self doesn’t matter.  Being a RIC designated church means that we will be a safe place, and will welcome and affirm all of God’s people with all their differences, along with their similarities and gifts.  Our RIC team is working to research and provide safe learning opportunities for those who need more information and have further questions about this journey together to become a church Reconciled in Christ.  

In June the RIC (Reconciling in Christ) team took a new name/designation, the Wider Welcome Ministry Team (WWMT).   

We want to thank the CTK members and friends for taking an active role in this important deliberate process. 

 The Wider Welcome (WWMT) team has provided  educational viewing opportunities.  You will find the links below.   

LGBT 101:  An introduction to the queer community   The  narrator makes diagrams which are visually helpful in explaining a lot of variations in the LBGTQ  spectrum.  It is only seven minutes long, and can be watched several times with a lot of information  in a short period of time.

Documentary “For the Bible Tells Me So.”  on YouTube,  Here is the link to the Documentary: .

Not A Boy Not A Girl:  Meet young non-binary Australians who do not identify as either male or female  This  link is 45:24 minutes long and shares how some young people feel “non-binary,” and what that means to them individually.

Matthew Vines:  For the Bible Tells me So: Hermeneutics and the debate about LGBTQ inclusion  This is the  longest online viewing choice, one hour and 4:22 minutes.  This video played on YouTube after our zoom movie “For the Bible tells Me So.”  Matthew is engaging and delves into the bible comparing the cultural and historical with Hermeneutics of what does that mean today and our culture.

Better Together:  Matthew and Monte Vines on studying the Bible and LGBTQ inclusion:  A father and son share their personal journey of Matthew (the son) coming out gay.  The father unsure….then agrees to embark on a bible study journey with his son.  52:47 long.

The Reconciling Works website has some helpful resources to look at, download and purchase.  There are also some online workshops.
ReconcilingWorks | Lutherans for Full Participation







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