Technical Support Assistant

Seeking technical/production assistant. Successful applicant will have working knowledge of various hardware and software platforms for livestream productions. Must be adaptable, able to problem-solve quickly. Position is in-person assisting pastors and lead musician. Sundays 9am-noon and 4-6pm, $15/hour.

Position Description
The Technical Assistant operates audio equipment, cameras, computers, tablets, and other devices as requested for worship services and other live events such as memorial services and weddings. The assistant sets up cameras, microphones, digital mixing board, and other equipment to ensure excellent live sound and a high-quality audio and video stream. The
assistant remains on-site throughout the duration of the shoot, monitoring and adjusting live sound and cameras and ensuring that there are no breaks in streaming. The assistant is supervised by the director of music and assists the pastors.
The Technical Assistant will:
• Have a creative spirit.
• Be detail oriented.
• Be able to multitask efficiently.
• Have a basic understanding of the role of worship in the church.
• Have previous experience as a videographer and/or sound engineer.
• Have the interpersonal skills necessary for successful communication with worship leaders and volunteers.
• Be a quick and decisive thinker who can troubleshoot issues on the fly and come up with creative and effective solutions.
Minimum Experience
• Familiarity with sound/mixing boards (preferably digital) as well as microphone placement.
• Familiarity with YouTube or similar livestreams.
• Familiarity with Zoom videoconferencing.
• Familiarity with OBS or similar broadcast software.
• Working knowledge of uploading video and audio files to internet.
• Adaptability to new software.
Preferred Experience
• Digital audio production experience.
• Experience as a videographer or sound engineer.
• Understanding of broadcasting, audio encoding equipment, audio codecs, and live audio delivery systems.
• Experience in post-production video and audio work including editing and archiving.
• Theatrical/stage lighting, set design, or other experience in  theatrical/dramatic/musical arts.
• Video editing experience (Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro, iMovie, etc.).
• Understanding of podcasts, streaming, capturing, and archiving digital files.
Work Schedule Sunday mornings from 9 until noon, and Sunday afternoons from 4:30 to 6:00.

Send letter describing your qualifications to Include contact information, name, email address, daytime phone number and a personal and/or professional reference.


It is the policy of Christ the King Lutheran church to afford equal employment opportunity for all qualified persons without regard to race, color, national origin, disability, sexual identity, sexual orientation, gender identity or other protected class.

We expect all employees to show respect and sensitivity to all other employees.